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Here you'll find our entire collection of men's steel rings. All of them are made of 316L stainless steel, also known as surgical steel, the highest quality available in stainless steel. Scroll all the way down for our handy measuring guide to help you determine your ideal ring size.
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EU/US/UK - 64mm / 10¾ / V

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EU/US/UK - 72.5mm / 14 / Z3

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Men's steel rings

Stainless steel is made from a mixture of iron, carbon, and chromium. The latter metal gives stainless steel its shine and resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel is made with a variety of metal mixtures but the best for producing fine jewelry is 316L stainless steel, also called surgical steel. All Trendhim steel rings are made with 100% surgical steel.

Rings made of stainless steel are relatively inexpensive and stay beautiful and shiny for many years. They're hard as well as durable and generally are a great choice for men's rings..

All our steel rings are tested for nickel content and if the percentage is small enough, they can be said to be nickel free. The truth is that all steel contains some nickel, even if it's in minute quantities. So if you're allergic to nickel or you have very sensitive skin, we recommend that you look at titanium rings instead of steel.

Facts about steel rings

  • After many years of use, a steel ring can lose some of its polish in the same way that silver and gold rings lose their shine. Fortunately, steel rings can be polished back to their original brightness.
  • Stainless steel is a poor conductor of electricity; for some, that can be an advantage..
  • A steel ring is very tough and not easy to scratch, but not as hard as, for example, a titanium ring.
  • Stainless steel is resistant to rust, thus the name. This does not mean that it cannot rust. It's therefore recommended that you avoid bathing in salt water with your steel ring on.

Method for ring sizing.

For ring sizes we show the inner circumference in mm, as well as the US and UK sizes. Just follow these easy instructions to determine your ring size:
Ringstørrelse guide

1. Start with a thin piece of string around the finger you'd like to wear the ring on. Light colored sewing thread works well.

2. Use a pen to draw a straight line over the string.

3. The distance between the two dots is the perimeter. Finally, use the "Choose size" menu to get the right circumference and diameter before ordering.