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Trendhim EU shipping We ship all orders from Denmark within the EU. All duties and taxes to X_VALUE are included.See shipping options.
Order by 16:00 Friday, December 10 - and receive before Christmas
Order by 16:00 Friday, December 10 - and receive before Christmas
Trendhim EU shipping We ship all orders from Denmark within the EU. All duties and taxes to X_VALUE are included.See shipping options.
Shipping $6 - Free over $75
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You'll find all of our collections here. From waterproof bracelets and handmade Italian hats all the way up to sleek designer watches and top-of-the-line bags that exude that coveted genuine leather smell. All the accessories that help make every man his own.

Undeniable edge

Death reminds you to live. Skulls, natural stones, and surgical-grade stainless steel give the Rico collection its edge.

The Sanatio Bracelet Collection

Mystical powers or no, the Sanatio collection features natural gemstones. Each bead is unique, every bracelet different.

Draw back the curtain

Skeleton watches reveal the clockwork driving the hands, making us ask: "why was this beautiful dance ever hidden?"

The Amager Collection

A necklace can say a lot about you. But they usually carry a single message. Multifaceted, these bracelets and necklaces...

Shade Your Eyes - Color Your Life

Shield your eyes this summer with quality shades. The Waykins Thea collection - 39 new styles of sunglasses for men.

Waterproof Watches with Sapphire Glass

Your story never stops, so why should your watch? With 100-meter water resistance, 316L stainless steel and sapphire gla...

Your Christmas Gear

From bow ties and pocket squares to cufflinks and ties – we’ve got your Christmas look all wrapped up.

Personalized Gifts for Him

Be inspired and shop our wide range of personalized gifts that suit any style.

Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel Chronographs with Sapphire Glass

With precision timekeeping and best-in-class materials, the Ray Collection lets you own your time in style.

Waykins Foldable Sunglasses + 31 New Styles

From folding sunglasses to scratch-resistant lenses, our latest sunglasses are made to look beyond and see things cleare...

Soft, itch-free scarves & beanies

With breathable, heat-trapping warmth, each scarf and beanie in The Montagna Collection is thoughtfully designed for the...

Watches With A Visible Heartbeat

The Dante watches are powered by your movement. As long as you're moving, the watch will too. Don't stop moving.

Foldable, travel-ready bags for the urban explorer

Designed in Denmark, each water-resistant, lightweight bag in The Lazy Bear Foldable Collection is easily packed for tra...

The Italian Leather Belt Collection

Each leather belt is a blend of Italian craftsmanship with Danish design and modern-day style.

The Kite Collection

The Kite Collection is a versatile selection of lightweight beanies. Each crafted with 100% organic cotton, ensuring a b...

The Lincoln Collection

Crafted from supple leather in a range of colors, each wallet and bag combines functional design with enduring quality a...

The Moda Collection

The Moda Collection boasts Italian craftsmanship and Danish design in a range of hats and caps made for the now and the...

The Vista Sunglasses Collection

The Vista Collection, with its polarized lenses and 100% UV protection, was created so you can experience life with your...

The Aviator Watch Collection

The Aviator Collection has what pilots and the Fawler man look for in a timepiece – functionality, long-lasting style an...

The Gravel Jewelry Collection

A sculptural collection of rings, necklaces and bracelets that blend hard-wearing materials with Danish design for piece...

The Lane Collection

Created to be worn often and for every occasion, each Lane chronograph balances efficiency with a pared-back aesthetic.

The New Age Collection

A collaboration between Bohemian Revolt and talented artists paved the way for distinctive design, bold patterns, hand-r...

The Unclouded Collection

The Waykins Unclouded Collection is inspired by the surf and created for your land-based adventures.

The Boho Collection

Classic suit accessories that, unlike solid-colored basics, come alive with playfully-detailed Danish design. The spirit...

The Fido Hat Collection

Enjoy headwear made by hands with 40 years of experience. The Italian made Fido hat collection from Fawler is here.

The Scarf & Beanie Collection

Add 'hygge' to your winter by cocooning yourself against the weather with chunky, Merino Wool knitwear.

The Larry Wallet Collection

Protection from physical and wireless theft. This collection of wallets and cardholders features a classic chain that lo...

The 925 Bracelet Collection

Durable, strong, and wax coated. The 925 collection from Lucleon is both safe for water and easy on the eyes.

The Alton Watch Collection

A watch you can wear with a blazer or while surfing. A watch that allows you to be your own.

The Lewis Bag Collection

Affordable, durable, and most come with a dedicated, padded laptop pocket. The latest Lazy Bear bag collection is a must...

The Wade Sunglasses Collection

The Wade collection, with its polarised lenses, means you can say hello to a summer without squinting.

The California Bag Collection

There's a reason leather's been used for thousands of years. Durable, strong, and freakin' charming! Explore the Califor...

The Iconic Necklace Collection

A line of sleek necklaces featuring iconic pendants strung on leather and chains.

Fawler Tirol Hat Collection

A line of headwear that'll make you rethink hats. Made by skilled Italian craftsmen.

Oxford Bags Collection

Travel in an organized, minimalist fashion with the buffalo leather bags from Lucleon.

The Rawhide Belt Collection

The Salt & Hide belt collection offers Italian vegetable tanned leather which means belts that will last a lifetime.

Montreal Wash Bag Collection

With a genuine leather Montreal wash bag, you'll have everything ready to go in one convenient package.

Sidegren Kevil Collection

Relentlessly refined in Denmark, the Kevil collection proves that less is more.

Lucleon Major Watch Collection

Classic, minimalist watches with polished surgical steel cases.

Lucleon Roy Bracelets Collection

Bracelets with surgical grade stainless steel locks that have been re-enforced with screws.

Northern Jewelry Classics Collection

Rings in modern interpretations of classic designs from Northern Jewelry.

Salt And Hide Tarpa Bag Collection

Tough canvas bags with genuine leather details that withstand the elements.

Lucleon Montreal Bags Collection

Bags carefully crafted from minimally treated buffalo leather.

Lucleon Grover Watch Collection

Fuss-free watches designed with details in mind by Lucleon out of Denmark.

Sidegren Revil Watch Collection

A modern interpretation of 1960’s racing chronographs with the clean, simple lines that you'd expect from Danish design.

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