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As seen in the wild

The art of layering necklaces

Choose a centerpiece, match colors, vary length and texture, and remember... less is more.

How we designed the Orisun Gemstone Necklace Collection

‘Orisun’ means ‘origin,’ ‘source,’ or ‘fountain’ in Yoruba - chosen to represent a return to nature. Now that the name is out of the way, we just need everything else. Read on to learn how that happens.

When something is taken from us, we desire it that much more. The past two years have left us starving for travel, adventure, and new experiences. In our isolation, many have turned to spirituality, learned to meditate, and studied philosophy - in addition to baking sourdough bread and attending Zoom meetings, of course. This has led to greater awareness of natural gemstones, which many believe can harness our energy and channel it in beneficial ways. While there’s no scientific evidence of these mystical properties, the popularity of natural stones and natural stone jewelry skyrocketed during the pandemic. Read the articleto learn about our design process, the challenges we faced, the stones themselves and much more.