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Here you'll find our entire collection of rings featuring stones for men, all made with 316L surgical steel. The gem-like adornments are actually zirconia stones. Use the menus below to find your way to your favorites.
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EU/US/UK - 54.5mm / 7 / N½

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Rings with zirconia stones

Zirconia stones are synthesized and therefore can be produced to resemble precious gems in a multitude of colours. Zirconia stones represent a great alternative to real diamonds and other expensive precious stones. They look very similar and are used more and more in the fabrication of jewelry. At Trendhim, we have a wide selection of men's rings and earrings featuring inlaid and mounted zirconia stones in various sizes and shapes.

Ring sizing

For your convenience, we've given you three different kinds of sizes on every ring's product page: circumference in mm, the US ring size, and the UK ring size. For example, we’ll show ring size as 62 / 10 / T ¹/₂, which means the ring has an inner circumference of 62mm, US ring size 10 and UK ring size T ¹/₂.

Use the following easy method to find out your ring size:
guide to ring sizing
1. Tie a piece of string around the finger twice, tightly
2. Draw a line across as shown
3. Your ring size in mm will be the distance between both marks