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All of our steel necklaces are of the highest quality and mostly made from 316L surgical steel.
They're also all in stock. Have a look at our selection. And if you need any help, feel free to contact us on the number above. Scroll all the way down for some really useful information about steel necklaces.
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Gold necklaces for men

At Trendhim, we don't sell real gold necklaces. Instead, we provide you with a great alternative, gold colored stainless steel ones. Pure gold is a very soft material, so a necklace made from gold is just not as strong as a steel one and is very susceptible to both denting and scratching. That's why you see fewer and fewer gold necklaces available today.

Gold plated necklaces

When a piece of jewelry is said to be "gold-plated," all it really means is that a microscopically thin layer of gold has been applied on the surface of a different metal such as copper. This process is called electroplating and creates a product that is resistant to wear and tear. In most uses, it's the closest you can get to a necklace made from real gold.

Gold necklace in surgical steel

As is the case with gold-plated necklaces, you can get gold necklaces made from steel that's been colored by electroplating. That's the kind of necklaces we offer. At Trendhim, we only use 316L stainless steel for our necklaces, better known as surgical steel and recognized as the strongest steel for producing jewelry.

With a gold necklace in surgical steel, you get a really strong and durable necklace without it being overpriced like gold and gold-plated necklaces.

Silver necklaces for men

Silver always has such a lovely sheen when made into jewelry, which explains the ongoing popularity of silver pieces. Necklaces made from real silver must be stamped to indicate their true silver content, e.g., 925 Sterling silver. This indicates contents of at least 92.5% pure silver, the balance usually being copper. It's not possible to make fine silver jewelry using pure silver because it's too soft. Copper gives it the required hardness for jewelry making.

The length of your necklace

We often receive questions about the length of necklaces for men. This boils down to your personal taste. In recent years, the trend has been to let necklaces hang further down the torso to somehow make a fashion statement. Most of our supplied chains are 90cm (35.44") or 80cm (31.5") and feature locks that let you adjust the length and decide what length fits what occasion.
In the picture below, you can see, in centimeters, the lengths of the necklaces worn by a young model with a medium build.

Steel necklaces in surgical steel

At Trendhim, we specialize in necklaces made from steel. We only use 316L surgical steel in making our necklaces, which is the strongest steel for this purpose. Steel is an extremely strong material and is polished in the same manner as silver. Steel has a delightful weight to it and does not require the same kind of maintenance that gold and silver jewelry do.