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Sleeve Garters

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You often roll your shirt sleeves up, right? Well, it’s time to roll 'em up in style. Sleeve Garters (or shirt garters) stretch around your sleeves to keep them from falling down while also serving as a fashion statement. You can wear them as arm bands, wear them with your sleeves unrolled, and roll your sleeves to whatever length you wish. Scroll all the way down for some awesome tips on how to wear sleeve garters.
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Why roll up your sleeves anyway?

It’s a good idea to start with some of the reasons for which you'd want to roll your sleeves up in the first place. You can roll up your sleeves if you want to cool down, stop your sleeves from getting wet or dirty, and to make a fashion statement.

Cool down using shirt garters

It does get hot and muggy at times, doesn’t it? And you probably don’t want to take your whole shirt off at your office party. But you can roll up your sleeves to let more air flow over your skin.

Stop your sleeves getting wet or dirty

You don’t want your nice shirt sleeves getting dirt, food or coffee on them, right? That won’t be a good look. So whenever you do something that may get your sleeves wet or dirty, you can roll them up.

Shirt sleeve garters — make a fashion Statement

Or you can simply roll up your sleeves as a fashion statement. By rolling up your sleeves and holding them up with a sleeve garter, you can look less formal and more casual.

How to roll up your sleeves

Rolling up your sleeves may seem a bit tricky at first, but it doesn’t take long to master. You have many different ways to roll up your sleeves, but one simple way is as follows:

1. Undo the buttons on each of your sleeves, including the gauntlet.

2. Turn your shirt cuffs inside out.

3. Fold these cuffs over once to the desired length, ensuring that the fold is straight and neat.

4. Keep folding the cuffs over again and again, until your sleeve is rolled as far up your arm as you desire.

5. Wrap your sleeve holders around each of the sleeves to hold them up and make a fashion statement that'll impress everyone.

Shirt sleeve holders in various colors

Our shirt sleeve holders come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Each color has its own different effect and combines with different colored shirts. If you're wearing them with suspenders, you should match them, of course.


Black is the more formal color, best for special events and fancy parties. And, black is quite versatile. You can combine black with a white shirt for the greatest contrast. Or, you can combine it with any other suitable color for a more casual affair. You just can't go wrong with black.

Navy blue

Navy blue is a classic color that radiates contemporary style. It combines well with white and cream, red, yellow and gold.


Patterned sleeve holders are a great way of adding a playful touch to your outfit. Match them with suspenders in the same design and a solid-colored shirt.

Buy shirt sleeve garters in the US

Want to hold your sleeves up in style? We have just the sleeve holder for you if you scroll up and take a look at our range. Can't find what you're looking for? Just get in touch via our contact form, we may just have something in the pipeline that you'd like.