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What Does it Take to Design Bold?

Forged from Danish history, see how we bring a bold Viking vibe into our latest jewelry collection for Moody Mason.

Chapter 1: For The New Viking

While we don’t raid and pillage anymore, we Danes do hold tightly to our Viking past… and why not? They braved wild seas, conquered distant lands, and impacted history. Not a bad legacy to leave behind – minus the stealing part.

Moody Mason is turning these warriors into something for today’s story. Pieces of men’s jewelry that say – with one look – you’re a man on a mission.

From the beginning, we knew each piece had to be constructed in stainless steel. It’s strong, durable, and won’t tarnish – exactly like the Moody Mason man. Knowing that, we dug into every Viking artifact and icon we could find for the direction of this latest collection.

Chapter 2: It Starts With Design

We’ve narrowed down our mood board and started sketching the new pieces – bracelets, pendants, rings, and earrings. The designers are not creating subtlety. But who wants something quiet anyway?

As we move from paper to digital designs, we play around with different metal finishes and experiment with the stones' colors.

Speaking of stone, we’ve contacted our supplier to send samples. What type of stone will look the best? Do you have a preference? Comment below and let us know!

Chapter 3: Wisdom is Welcome Wherever it Comes From

That quote is from an old Viking saga (the Bandamanna Saga, c.10) and captures where we are now. We thought narrowing down the collection would be easy… but with so many great designs, it’s tough. Therefore, we called upon the wisdom of men like you. The feedback was that skulls, wolves, and snakes deserved greater focus. With their input, we edited our designs and even added this 3-part skull ring. Epic, right?

With everything narrowed down, we're 3D printing the final pieces. We print to see dimensions and detailing… and it’s a good thing we do. Guys agreed that the snake ring looked dope on screen but was ‘ridiculously big’ in reality. Scale is important for all jewelry but especially for a collection this bold.

Chapter 4: Now for the Fun Part

We’ve sent digital files to the manufacturer and received the first samples! Now’s the time to really focus on colors, finishes, and the stones. We’re going with an antique grey finish on the stainless steel for its distressed, aged look.

Speaking of stones, we’ve selected natural stones – anything else looked fake and out of line with the direction this collection is taking. It feels like, after swimming through a sea of choices, we’ve landed on ones we’re proud of.

At this point, even the packaging gets edited to fit the new sizes and shapes. Usually, this stage goes quickly, but this collection is taking time. Fine with us. The time spent getting it right means it’ll be perfect when it hits your door.

Chapter 5: Making it Unique

Pre-production samples are in, and we’re busy with our final review. The gold- and silver-tone pieces are exactly what we’re after… but the antique-grey needs work. We love a challenge and want to get this collection exactly right. Speaking of getting it right, we’ve added 2 unique styles to the final mix with natural lapis lazuli stone. It's a stone that represents gods, power, wisdom, and truth – not bad things to walk around with all day.

We’ve sent the approved pieces for packshots (the images you see when shopping on our site). And we’re scheduling a photoshoot to showcase the complete range.

Chapter 6: A Waiting Game

If all goes as planned, we’ll sign off and have everything back soon. That means this collection will be on your neck, finger, ear, and wrist before autumn. Until then…

Chapter 7: It's Time! New Styles Now Available

The wait is over! If you’re just now reading this, you’re probably thinking ‘well, that was fast’. What looks quick in words was actually a process that took over 8 months – but the final results speak for themselves.

Are you ready to go bold? Check out the complete collection below.

What’s Your Favorite?

You’ve seen the collection – which piece is your favorite? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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