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Valentine’s Gifts for Him

From Danish-designed watches to rings, necklaces and bracelets, find a gift for him that means something this Valentine's.

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A celebration of love, affection, and romance… and your chance to show him how lucky he is to have you! Whether you’re shopping for a partner who’s a suited and booted businessman or a lovable slob who kinda just hangs out in the apartment all day, the most important gift is the time you spend together.

But let’s be honest… time together is great, but who wouldn’t want to be spoiled on February 14th? That’s where we come in.

From personalized watches and display cases to Danish-designed rings, these are our suggestions for what to get your Valentine. And here’s a tip from the ladies in our HQ… give him his gift a few days before the 14th as a gentle reminder to get you something! Or give it with a wish list of your own as a not-so-gentle reminder.

And for the guys celebrating SAD (that's Single Awareness Day), ignore all the romantic stuff below and binge on much-deserved accessories this holiday.

1 Valentine’s gifts for him1.1 Valentine’s day watches1.2 Protect his watch collection this valentine’s day1.3 Make it personal this valentine’s with engraved jewellery1.4 Foolproof gift ideas for him on valentine’s day1.5 The history of valentine’s day: party chatter version

Valentine’s Day Watches

There are go-to gifts for men on Valentine’s Day – wallets,scarves, and even toiletry bags come to mind. But if he doesn’t need one of those? A watch is sure to catch his eye and remind him of how valuable the time you spend together is. You may have to tell him about that last part… he may be too enthralled with the new timepiece.

Choose from the classics like an Aviator, moonphase or pocket watch. For someone more fashion-forward, check out our automatic skeleton watches. Looking for a watch that’s both unique and stylish? Discover a 24-hour single-hand watch. We’re sure neither of you will look at time the same way again.

If it’s a new relationship and you’re not quite ready to commit to a full timepiece but still don’t want to settle for a box of supermarket chocolates… have a look at watch straps. They're an easy way to let him know you thought about him without spending too much and scaring him off. Plus, you can finally get his watch to match his shoes. Win-win.

Protect His Watch Collection this Valentine’s Day

What happens if you got him a watch last Valentine’s Day? Or he has one that he loves and would never consider taking off? For him, may we suggest a watch box.

Whether he needs a case that holds 3 or one big enough to display 20, gifting a watch box shows that you went that extra step this holiday, and that you know how important his watch collection is to him.

Watch boxes and display cases work for boyfriends, dads, brothers, best friends, husbands, and even your favorite co-worker. From rotary boxes to travel cases, you’ll never have to worry about getting them all the same thing.

Make it Personal this Valentine’s with Engraved Jewellery

When you customize his gift, you transform it from a present to a keepsake. And you remind him (yet again!) of how great you are and how you went that extra mile to make his Valentine’s Day gift special.

And it’s not just tie bars and dog tags that you can personalize either. Deboss his initials on a new leather belt or get them engraved on a stainless steel card holder.

Want him to never forget your anniversary again? Engrave it on the back of a watch so he’ll always remember… or at least not have an excuse to forget.

Is there a gift more synonymous with Valentine’s Day than jewelry? Maybe chocolate and flowers… but jewelry is right up there at the top. Some men use this romantic holiday to propose. Unfortunately, we can’t predict the future and have 0 clues as to what he’ll do on February 14th. Sorry.

What we can do is introduce you to a wonderful range of men’s rings available in titanium,ceramic, sterling silver and stainless steel. From rings with natural stones to signet rings begging for an engraving, you’re sure to find one that suits his style and story.

And who says you can’t propose to him? Shop stainless steel bands that are ideal for promising a lifetime together.

Maybe you like it, but you’re not quite ready to put a ring on it. If that’s you, you’ll be spoilt for options with our collection of necklaces crafted from silver- and gold-tone stainless steel and handmade bracelets with natural, polished stones.

Want to make this Valentine’s gift extra personal? On selected pieces, you can engrave your names, initials, a special date, or a small secret message that's meaningful to you both.

For the corporate type who spends most days in a suit, check out engravable cufflinks in a range of styles, shapes and colors. These make great gifts for the other men in your life too. Who doesn’t want a little extra love and attention on Valentine's Day?

Foolproof Gift Ideas for Him on Valentine’s Day

For the man who is hard to shop for, we’ve made it easy by breaking down our list of foolproof gifts that he’ll love this Valentine’s Day.

  • Bracelets - If you’ve only been dating for a little while, a bracelet is the way to go. Our selection has choices from goes-with-everything black to statement-making stainless steel
    cuffs. All crafted to last.
  • Leather Bag - If you’ve been together forever, consider spending for a leather bag. From the
    messenger bag to the always-handy
    backpack, our bags are designed strong and can handle his daily routine while keeping their shape. Whether commuting to the office to hitting the gym, a
    versatile bag easily keeps his must-have items organised and accessible when he needs them.
  • Socks & Boxers - We know these 2 may not be the swoon-worthy gifts you originally thought of, but trust us… he’ll appreciate the upgrade and actually use the gift!
  • Shaving & Beard Kits - Have your man looking and smelling fine with all-natural products and scents like masculine sandalwood and cedar.
    These are gifts that he can use for forever and always think of you.
  • Suit Accessories - From dads and brothers to partners and lovers, you can’t beat a classic, foolproof gift like a
    tie or
    pocket square. And don’t think you have to go too traditional either. Help him elevate his look with a flamboyance of flamingos or a shiver of sharks.
  • Wallets - We said these were foolproof, right? I’m sure he’s out there, but we’ve never met a guy who didn’t need a
    wallet,card holder or
    money clip at some point in his life.

Whatever you give your Valentine this February, remember that it’s not about how much money you spend. If they mean something to you, they’ll know it by the way you treat them every day of the year. With that in mind, go and make his Valentine’s Day one to remember.

The History of Valentine’s Day: Party Chatter Version

  • Valentine’s Day probably came from a Roman pagan festival called Lupercalia – a fertility festival that included animal sacrifices, drunkenness, nudity, and slapping. According to legend, bachelors would draw the name of one woman from an urn to partner with for a year after the festival.
  • Pope Gelasius put clothes on the holiday in an attempt to Christianise it. And made February 14th the official day of St. Valentine.
  • The Catholic Church recognizes at least 3 different Saint Valentines. All were heroic and put love and helping others above their own lives… they were martyred for it.
  • The oldest Valentine greeting is a poem written in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. In it, he admits to being ‘sick of love’. Guess if you’re in the Tower, you’re forgiven for being melancholic.
  • Esther A. Howland sold the first-ever mass-produced valentine in the USA in the 1840s.
  • Valentine’s Day is the 2nd largest card-sending holiday of the year. The first-place title belongs to Christmas.
  • You may know Cupid as the naked cherub lobbing arrows at would-be lovers, but this Roman god has roots in Greek mythology as the Greek god of love, Eros. According to Greek poets, he was quite the handsome chap with a physique worthy of admiration. Somewhere along the way, he became a chubby kid. We’re glad real life doesn't work that way.