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Pocket watches are gaining in popularity these days thanks to their retro appeal and beautiful designs. A pocket watch is a men's watch with unique style and charm.
We sell both mechanical movement and battery-powered pocket watches, all with a full 2-year warranty.
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The pocket watch comeback

Pocket watches date back to the advent of the first clocks. Back then, they were the only portable timepieces worn by gentlemen the world over. Because of their increasing popularity, we at Trendhim have chosen to offer a wide range of models in classic gold and silver, different patterns, and other features. You won't believe how wonderful they are!

Pocket watches in gold and silver

We offer gold-plated pocket watches. This keeps our prices competitive, allowing us to deliver beautiful and unique pocket watches that don't cost a small fortune. The silver color is a natural result of the stainless steel casings.

Pocket watch size

Although they're made in many different sizes and shapes, typically, the dial diameters are 4.5cm (1.78"). They fit perfectly in waistcoat pockets and come with chains featuring a variety of lengths and thicknesses. If you don’t find the style you want, please call or write to us and we'll be more than happy to accommodate your request.

Types of pocket watches.

There are two types of pocket watches: mechanical movement and quartz movement. As with wristwatches, they're powered either by an interchangeable battery for the quartz models, or actual winding in the mechanical movement.

A quartz pocket watch will keep time as long as the battery lasts. A mechanical pocket watch runs for up to two days per rewind. Generally, that's not a problem because this style of watch is usually worn on special occasions. Another difference between the two is the way the second hand sweeps over the watch face:

the difference between digital and analogue watches

The watch on the left is mechanical with a smooth sweep. The watch on the right has a definite cadence to its sweep.