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Here you'll find our collection of ceramic rings. Use the menus below to find a specific size. Need help in figuring out your ring size? No problem! Click the "How do I find my ring size?" link on any ring's product page.
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EU/US/UK - 52mm / 6 / L½

EU/US/UK - 54.5mm / 7 / N½

EU/US/UK - 57mm / 8 / P½

EU/US/UK - 59mm / 8¾ / R

EU/US/UK - 61mm / 9½ / S½

EU/US/UK - 62mm / 10 / T½

EU/US/UK - 65mm / 11¼ / W

EU/US/UK - 68mm / 12¼ / Y

EU/US/UK - 70mm / 13 /

EU/US/UK - 73mm / 14¼ /

EU/US/UK - 75mm / 15 /

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Ceramic rings

Men's rings made out of ceramics are lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear. Just like tungsten, ceramic is a very strong material that isn't scratched easily. And if by mistake you do get a scratch, it won't be very apparent because ceramic rings have the same color all the way through.

All ceramic rings from Trendhim are highly polished and keep their shine for years.

Facts about ceramic rings

  • Ceramics are not metals like steel, titanium or tungsten.
  • Ceramics are usually black or white but can be made in other beautiful colors.
  • Ceramics are naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Ceramics do not conduct electricity very well.
  • Ceramic rings weigh much less than metal rings.

Ring size

All ring sizes are shown in three different ways for your convenience, 62 / 10 / T ¹/₂, where 62 is the inner circumference in mm, 10 the US ring size and T ¹/₂ the UK ring size.

Don't know your actual ring size? No problem! Check out the easy sizing method below.
ring size guide
1. Wrap a thin piece of string around your finger snugly, twice.
2. Draw a straight line through the strings.
3. The distance between the two lines is your finger's circumference in mm, giving you the proper ring size to use when ordering.