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Cufflinks are a very special menswear accessory that can make an ingeniously classy fashion statement. They offer the perfect complement to your suit-and-tie ensemble, especially when worn with a matching tie pin.
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Silver cufflinks

Unfortunately, not all men's shirts can accommodate cufflinks. If you like to look great wearing your best suits, then the extra touch of class that cufflinks offer is essential. At Trendhim, fashionable menswear accessories are our passion. We offer an exceptionally diverse array of cufflinks in different price ranges and materials. Everything from zinc and copper alloys to rare wood veneered links, stainless steel, and, of course, top-of-the-line sterling silver models. And you really must see the incredible collection of designs to believe this diversity.

Gold cufflinks

Trendhim does not sell real gold cufflinks. Instead, we offer beautiful gold-colored cufflinks in sterling silver, stainless steel, and other metal alloys.

Types of cufflinks

With so many models to choose from, rest assured you'll find several pairs that tickle your fancy and will enliven your dress shirt cuffs. All cufflinks are equally functional but with subtle differences in their locking systems.

Cuff shirts

Cufflinks can only be used in dress shirts specially made with slits cut into their cuffs, allowing them to accommodate cufflinks. Namely, double cuff and French cuff shirts. Cutting slits in a regular shirt cuff is not recommended at all.

Engraved cufflinks

Two kinds of engraving methods are available for personalizing your cufflinks. The first is old-fashioned manual engraving and the second is the newer high-tech laser engraving. We highly recommend laser engraving for its versatility and ability to engrave on non-flat surfaces. Trendhim does not offer engraving services but your local jeweler will most likely be happy to help you.

Cufflink sizes

The depth of a cufflink determines how tightly the two parts of the cuff are held together. Your haberdasher, or men's clothing specialist, should be able to recommend the proper French cuff size to best suit the thickness of your wrist. This is very important to ensure not only that the cuff isn't too loose and stays smartly in place, but also that it doesn't cut off your blood circulation. Please consult the cufflink size in the “Dimensions” section of each product's description page.

Matching cufflinks and tie clip sets

As previously pointed out, matching jewelry sets make an outstanding fashion statement and really complement your dressy appearance. Feel free to browse through ourtie pin selections.. We offer a broad range of matching sets but you could always choose cufflinks and tie pins separately. That's entirely up to your personal taste, of course, but a rule of thumb is that the materials should be similar enough, color-wise, to give the impression of a true match.