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Nothing beats the smell of genuine leather and that certainly applies to our selection of men's wallets. We carry a great variety of them so feel free to use the dropdown menus and filters to help you home in on your favorite.
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Types of men's wallets

Essentially, there are two kinds of wallets: bi-fold and tri-fold.

types of men's wallets
1. Bi-fold wallets, also called horizontal wallets, unfold into two parts.

2. Tri-fold wallets, also known as vertical pouch wallets, unfold into three parts.

Types of leather wallets.

Virtually all Trendhim's leather wallets are made from 100% genuine cowhide in two different grades.

Full grain leather.

Full grain leather is the best quality leather you can buy because it's made from the outer surface layers where the cow hair grows. Full grain leather ages beautifully and could last a lifetime with good care. As with all leather products, some occasional maintenance goes a long way to help keep the leather looking good.

When it comes to the brighter the surface of your new leather wallet, some change will be noticeable over time as it becomes darker and softer.

Split leather wallets

Split leather is made from the lower layers of cowhide, which means that the leather is still very durable but doesn't have the smooth finish of full grain leather. Split leather is therefore overlaid with synthetic leather to give it the appearance and smoothness of full grain leather.


Refers to a small, flat case, usually made of leather. They are very practical for carrying bills, credit cards, IDs, driver's licenses, receipts, small pictures and coins.

Features of men's wallets

The most important thing to consider when buying a new wallet is how much you'll be keeping inside. In other words, its overall capacity.

Credit card slots

Genuine cowhide leather has a little give to it, allowing you to keep two credit cards in each card slot. Typically, a bi-fold leather wallet will have two or three card slots, enough for most of us. But with all of the supermarket and department store membership cards we carry these days, you might want to go for a tri-fold wallet, or at least one that has a removable insert for extra cards.

Coin pocket

Back when cash was king, coin pockets were a normal feature of wallets. Nowadays, they're less common as most purchases are processed using a credit card.

Bill slot

Wallets almost invariably have room for bills, but there are exceptions.

Other spaces

Some wallets feature a second bill slot or a clear plastic window for that special picture. Other models have a built-in zip pocket for coins. Again, your choice boils down to personal preference and requirements.