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The messenger bag is the classic men's bag
, the one you can never go wrong with. Most of our models we manufacture ourselves. We use only the highest quality cowhide leather and our bags are backed by a full 4-year warranty.
Under each product, you'll find the sizing including what size laptop it will fit.
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Computer size

10,1" (26x18x2 cm)

11,6" (30x20x2 cm)

13" Macbook pro (31,4x21,9x1,9cm)

12,5" (31x22x2 cm)

13,3" (32,5x23x2 cm)

14" (34x23,5x2 cm)

15,4" (36x25x2 cm)

15,6" (38,5x26,5x2,5 cm)

17,3" (42x30x3 cm)



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Shoulder bags for men

Known by many names, shoulder bags today cover a variety of models. It's the most versatile and classic men's bag, usually made of leather.

Computer Bags

All shoulder bags can be used as computer bags and many have dedicated sleeves to keep your laptop safe while traveling. These compartments are often padded to help protect your equipment from bumps and scratches. You can see in each bag description its dimensions and whether or not it'll hold your laptop.

Work Bags

Work bags, or business bags as they're often called, are made with highly treated leather to match the professional appearance of business attire. If your use for this bag is for work purposes, you should look for models with many sleeves and pockets. Many of our bags feature internal and external pockets and sleeves.

Messenger bag

Messenger bags were, as the name suggests, used by messengers to transport valuable documents and letters. Messenger bags are worn on the back with the strap going across the wearer's chest. This is why they're mostly small and lightweight. Originally made from different materials, today most are made with leather and usually only have one internal space.

At Trendhim, we also sell very small messenger bags in leather and waterproof nylon. These are particularly suited for bicycling purposes when you don't need much space in your bag.

Maintenance of leather bags

The more processing the leather on your bag received during production, the easier it will be to keep clean. Conversely, the less processing the leather receives, the more its raw leather will age well and assume a vintage look. Here are some tips on keeping your shoulder bag looking great:

  • Use a water proofing spray made specifically for leather bags

  • Never clean with detergents or chemicals

  • Keep your bag dry and avoid storing it in a sunny spot

  • If possible, use leather grease on your bag when it gets too dry and dull. Only use leather grease with beeswax or other natural ingredients

The size of the shoulder bag

Sizes appear under the "Dimensions" heading, where you'll also see what size laptop fits into the bag.