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We produce our leather bags from the highest quality cowhide and offer a full 4-year warranty. We also give you great prices because we've cut out the middleman! We've got lots of different bag shapes and sizes, so there's something for every taste. Under each product, there's a description of the size of the bag.
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Computer size

10,1" (26x18x2 cm)

11,6" (30x20x2 cm)

13" Macbook pro (31,4x21,9x1,9cm)

12,5" (31x22x2 cm)

13,3" (32,5x23x2 cm)

14" (34x23,5x2 cm)

15,4" (36x25x2 cm)

15,6" (38,5x26,5x2,5 cm)

17,3" (42x30x3 cm)


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Trendhim leather bags for men

Men have always relied on bags to carry around the personal possessions they need or use. Some of our designs are classic, with a retro look and feel.

We sell a wide range of men's bags in leather. You'll find, among others, the popular messenger shoulder bag, weekend bags,
leather backpacks, sports bags and more.

Our leather bags are very different in appearance because of the way the leather is processed. You get wide variations in surface smoothness as well as how much of the natural hide defects and grain patterns show through. These qualities determine the right kind of leather to be used for either business or leisure bags.

Maintenance of leather bags

The way that leather is produced from cowhide requires that the hide is tanned. And the way leather is treated influences the way it should be maintained.

Highly treated leather

This kind of leather is often smoother and more uniform in appearance and therefore doesn't require as much maintenance or care.

Untreated leather

This kind of leather features a rougher, somewhat more matte surface that shows off the hide's natural grain defects. These bags really benefit from proper maintenance, such as using special leather creams.

Some good advice on the maintenance of leather bags

  • Applying some penetrating spray specially made for leather is a great idea before using your bag for the first time
  • You'd be wise to forget about folk remedies suggesting using things around the house. Many of those cheaper solutions can stain or discolor the leather
  • Never use detergents, nor chemicals
  • Leather briefcases don’t enjoy sunlight the way we do and excessive heat from radiators or stoves can also damage the leather
  • Leather with a rougher surface really benefits from a good application of leather fat and responds best to natural cleaning agents such as beeswax. We recommend Gold Quality brand leather fat.
  • Dried out and desiccated leather can be freshened up with a coat of leather oil followed by a leather grease application to seal it in

Size guide for your new leather bag

We specify the exact size of all our leather bags on each of their own product pages. The dimensions are given in height (X), depth (Y) and width (X) as illustrated in the diagram below.

size guide for bags

The size of the leather bag for men

is very important, or, in other words, its dimensions, depending on what you'll be putting inside. We're most often asked if a laptop will fit into a certain bag. When you measure your computer, it mustn't exceed the width of the bag. Actually, you should allow about 0.8" of extra space. For example, if the bag's width (Z) is 13.4", remove 0.8". In that case, your laptop will fit into your new leather bag if it's 12.6" or less.