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Tie pins are available in a variety of designs and colors, so there's no excuse for not being able to find one that fits your personal style! Have a look at our vast selection of these subtle yet practical fashion accessories.

A well-dressed man likes to show the world his good taste, which includes carefully selected accessories to add that special touch. A beautiful suit with a color-coordinated pocket square and beautiful tie benefits tremendously from a little extra detail like an elegant tie pin.
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Why you need a tie clip

There are only a few reasons why you should complement your tie with a tie clip. But they're very convincing ones.

  • A tie pin can hold your tie into a position that lets it stand up a little.
  • It can also make sure your tie doesn't dip into your soup.
  • They are essential on windy days, preventing that blown-away look.
  • All and all, for a small item, they are very practical to wear.

Where on my tie should my tie pin be placed?

Men may be tempted to wear their tie pins very low down to keep the tie out of their food. If that's the case, they should opt instead for a bib, because a tie pin looks plain silly when worn so low. The correct fashion style dictates otherwise. Please refer to the drawing below, where you can see that the proper place for the tie pin is in the middle of the breast pocket or in between the 3rd and 4th shirt buttons.

location for a tie-pin

Tie pin in silver or gold?

Unlike gold or silver earrings that are constantly in touch with your skin, there really are no health concerns associated with wearing tie pins. Gold and silver are popular precious metals so naturally, we've carefully put together a tasteful selection of sterling silver pieces from Danish Nordahl Anderson's designer collection.

What's a good tie pin width?

Tie pins are small and should never be wider than the actual tie they hold in place. A good rule of thumb is that they shouldn't exceed three-quarters of the tie's width. The illustration below shows the difference it makes.
the right width of a tie pin

Tie pin tips

  • Tie pins have two ways of locking your tie into place on your shirt: a crocodile clip and a slide-on clip.
  • It's always preferable to wear matching accessories. So, for example, if your wristwatch has silver-colored casing, both your tie pin and cufflinks should also be predominantly silver.
  • Crocodile clips are made to stay in place but you should consider a slip on tie pin for more expensive ties.