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Shaving brushes are an indispensable when it comes to a classic wet shave. Use the dropdown menus to find your favorite brand or type of bristle. Read more about the different qualities of badger hair at the bottom of this page. All products come with a full warranty and easy return policy.

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Shaving brushes play a major role in traditional wet shaving, which you could enjoy with either straight razors, safety razors or Mach style blades. Whatever shaving implement you prefer, it's important to prepare your skin properly prior to shaving.

A shaving brush really helps with even distribution of the shaving cream or foam that you use. It helps provide a close, comfortable shave and minimize skin irritation.

All of our brushes have been selected for the quality of the bristles, their balanced weight and the shape of the handles. A shaving brush can last for many years with proper maintenance, which includes how it's dried after each shave.


Several types of bristles are available, and they account for the major differences between shaving brushes. Here we list those bristles and their characteristics:


Pure Badger Hair/Pure badger hair is usually the least expensive of all badger hair qualities. Its name refers to what part of the badger the hairs come from. In the case of Pure, the hairs come from anywhere on the hide. Because those hairs are so plentiful, they're the least expensive of all badger hairs. Often, Pure badger shaving brush hairs are trimmed in a curved shape that makes them stiffer. This not only makes it easier to build up a good lather but also to exfoliate your skin.

Finest Badger Hair

Finest badger is the best quality badger hair you can obtain along with silvertip hair. The difference between them is that silvertip hair is softer than finest badger hair. Finest badger hairs are selected from the rare, long-haired badgers and are highly prized and sought after by experienced wet shavers. Both kinds of bristles will provide you with long-lasting shaving brushes that feature solid crowns of badger hair.

Best Badger Hair

Best Badger Hair / Best badger hair is a significant improvement over pure badger hair. Best badger hair is harvested uniquely from the badger's stomach. These hairs are more absorbent than pure badger hairs making lathering up easier. That's why they make great shaving brush bristles.

Super Badger Hair

Super Badger Hair / Super badger hair is somewhat softer than Best badger hair and is harvested from the back of the badger. Super hairs usually have that characteristic dark middle section color pattern. Super hairs represent the highest quality bristles you can get in a shaving brush, apart from silvertip hairs.

Silvertip Badger Hair

Silvertip badger hair/ Silvertip badger hair is one of the most uncommon and expensive badger hairs one finds in quality shaving brushes. They are strictly harvested from the neck of the animal where the softest hairs are found. Similar to Super badger hair, Silvertip hair is characterized by the sharp transition in color from dark to light. Silvertip hairs are luxuriously soft and absorbant and must be treated with care.