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Our Brands

Looking for a specific brand that aligns with your story? Check out our house brands and find your match.

Trendhim has grown from a men’s accessory reseller to an international e-commerce juggernaut with over 6,000 unique products under 13 house brands. Each piece is carefully designed in Denmark and is crafted to tell a different story.


Waykins is carefree, always on the go and always ready for an adventure. We can’t send you to the beach, but our accessories can ignite your memories and remind you to stay adventurous.


Fawler is for the man who understands the importance of investing in quality and the longevity that comes from craftsmanship. He owns his choices and takes pride in staying authentic to his values and ideals.


Bohemian Revolt lets you be you... even when you have to suit up. Never be boring!


Moody Mason is a jewelry brand for real men – the commander and the guy who loves getting his hands dirty, the troublemaker and the good dad who did crazy things when he was younger and isn’t quite ready to give that up for the suburbs. Moody Mason isn’t just one thing. Why should you be?


Lazy Bear is for the urban explorer. The one who looks at a concrete jungle and only sees the jungle. Life is meant to be lived – pack for it.


Salt & Hide understands that there’s a new destination around every corner and that we see the world differently with each step. Our appreciation for natural materials extends beyond the coloring, textures, and sensations… it reminds us of a place that we haven’t seen yet, a journey not yet walked and ignites our passion to get there.


Sidegren represents contemporary Scandinavian design and lifestyle. Each carefully thought-out piece must have a purpose beyond its minimal aesthetic and, in true Danish style, blend seamlessly with functionality.


Not every situation requires a roaring statement to gain attention. Lucleon is for the man who understands how to make an impact without needing to demand attention. It’s his quiet confidence and strength that makes him a lion – not his roar.