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Key hangers and keychains for men

Key hangers are a special kind of necklace, typically made of leather, with a place for keys at the bottom. Ours are always in stock. And not only are they practical, they've also been in vogue since 2011.

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Key hangers for men

Key hangers are very fashionable at the moment, especially ones featuring strong, genuine cowhide. Those are exactly the kind of key hangers we carry, all of them long enough to hang down to your stomach. The slightly worn vintage look is really stylin' at the moment, so feel free to complete it by simply adding some other cool accessories.

When you buy a product in real leather you can be sure that with time and use you'll be happy with the way it looks and feels. Our key hangers age very well and become softer and more beautiful the more you wear them. All our key hangers are made of 100% genuine leather.

Practical fashion

Previously referred to as lanyards or key rings, they used to be nothing more than convenient objects you'd wear to a sporting event or while attending a festival. Things have changed since then. Today, they've become an important and stylish accessory, right up there with necklaces.

Many men enjoy the reassurance of always having the car or house keys close at hand. Unlike most fashion trends, this one also happens to be super practical.

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