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The Wave Pocket Square Fold

Difficulty: --d-- --d-- --d-- --dl-- --dl--

The Wave Folding Instructions

  1. Flatten your pocket square on a smooth surface.
  2. Next, fold one corner down to form a triangle.
  3. Then, fold one side in so that it stops just below the other side.
  4. Fold it in again so three corners are showing.
  5. Fold so that the left side tip now touches the bottom tip.
  6. Flip the pocket square over and ensure the tip if facing towards you.
  7. Fold the side that’s showing the corners down and create the ‘wave’.
  8. Neatly place the folded pocket square into your jacket pocket.

About The Wave Pocket Square Fold

Catch a wave with this neat fold. Looks great in solid color or patterned fabric. Its asymmetrical design draws the eye and keeps you looking sharp.

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