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Green Energy at Trendhim

"If there is to be real change, everybody has to participate - and that includes Trendhim. Examining our source of energy felt like the natural first step. Using green energy and compensating for our CO2 emissions by planting trees was a no-brainer to us." - Nicolaj Foldager, CFO of Trendhim

As Trendhim grows, so do our energy needs. Expanding our warehouse and office space requires more power to fuel our work! That is why we went hunting for more sustainable energy suppliers who can keep up with our growing demands.

The climate emergency is only getting worse and its impact may soon be irreversible. Solutions require actions and we firmly believe it is everyone’s responsibility to do whatever is within their power to do. We are committed to making better choices that will help us reduce our environmental impact. Every choice matters, and only decisive action slows the warming process and improves our chance of a more sustainable future.

The Source of Power

Sustainability starts with small steps. Denmark is renowned for its wind energy sector and the impressive turbines that dot its landscape. Wind power is a sustainable option that produces no air or water pollution, and as a Danish brand, choosing wind as our energy source was a no-brainer. We can now proudly say that 100% of the energy driving our HQ and warehouse comes from Danish wind turbines!

Climate friendly

This is not the extent of our efforts. Planting trees offsets carbon emissions as trees are among the most effective tools in capturing and storing CO2. We are committed to compensating for the CO2 emissions resulting from the production of our power. Our agreement with our energy supplier NRGi involves cooperation with Hedeselskabet, an organization with over 150 years of experience with afforestation. They introduced a concept of “Klimaskov for fællesskabet,” Danish for “climate forest for the community.” In cooperation with organizations and customers alike, they plant new forests in East Jutland which will grow year by year for generations to come. This initiative not only captures CO2, but increases biodiversity as myriad creatures move in to call these new forests home.