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How to Tie a Linwood Taurus Knot

Linwood Taurus Knot Tying Steps

  1. Begin with the wide end on your right. The wide end should be considerably longer than the narrow end.
  2. Cross the wide end over the narrow end to your left.
  3. Bring it up through the neck loop.
  4. Take it down to the right and behind the knot to the left.
  5. Bring it up into the neck loop from the front.
  6. Take it down through the neck loop and out on the left side.
  7. Pull the wide end through both the front bands made in Step 4 and Step 5.
  8. Bring the wide end around behind the knot.
  9. Take it into the neck loop from underneath.
  10. Pull the wide end down through the band formed in Step 8.
  11. The Linwood Taurus Knot requires extra work in this step to bring out the different folds and curves. Take your time and use a mirror.

About the Linwood Taurus Knot

The Linwood Taurus Knot is named for its creator, Linwood Darkis, and its resemblance to a bull with horns. It has been described as an aggressive knot because most bulls aren’t known for their demure nature.

The Linwood Taurus Knot uses a lot of fabric and takes patience to perfect. This is not a tie knot to try if you’re running late for a date but want to try something new. If you’re late, go for an Oriental Knot and buy a watch so you won't be late next time. And flowers! Your date will appreciate the flowers and forgive your tardiness.

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