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How to Tie a Rose Knot

Rose Knot Tying Steps

  1. Begin with the wide end on your left.
  2. Take the narrow end over the wide end to your left.
  3. Bring it up into the neck loop from underneath.
  4. Take it down to the right.
  5. Take the narrow end behind the knot to the left.
  6. Wrap it around the front of the knot horizontally and into the neck loop from underneath on the right side. Use a finger to keep this band loose.
  7. Bring it down to the left and behind the wide end.
  8. Pull the narrow end through the loop made in Step 6 and out to the left.
  9. Take it into the neck loop from the top and down to the left. Keep it loose.
  10. Take the narrow end into the neck loop and through the band made in Step 9.
  11. Gently tighten as you pull the narrow end to the right.
  12. Tuck the narrow end under your collar to hide it and adjust the knot as needed.

About the Rose Knot

The Rose Knot is similar to the Trinity Knot but isn’t tied in the same way. It’s named because the final result resembles a rosebud. This knot would work great on a first date and even better at your wedding. Between this and the Truelove Knot, you’re set in the romantic-necktie-knot department.

As the Rose Knot is tied using the narrow end, begin with the tip of the wide end placed where you want the finished tie to sit.

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