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Fort Tempus

Leather Strip Bracelet V3

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Two sizes available

Delivered in a black gift bag

Product description

A bestseller from our own Trendhim collection, this bracelet features 2 rows of 3 separate genuine leather straps with a stainless steel lock.

The bracelet is locked with a smart lock that has both magnetic and normal locking features.

The lock makes it is easy to take on and off, but secure in its locked position.

The bracelet is packed, shipped, and delivered in a beautiful Trendhim gift bag.


ID: 3408
Length: 7 1/2" and 8 1/4"
Cord width: 1/8"
Lock width: 5/8"

See how this bracelet fits you. The average man's wrist is 18 cm or a bit over 7 1/16".
Fit - Large
Wrist circumference
6 3/4" Loose fit
7 1/2" Tight fit
7 1/8" Normal fit
Fit - Medium
Wrist circumference
5 7/8" Loose fit
6 1/4" Normal fit
6 3/4" Tight fit

Measure your wrist size

Use a normal tape measurer or a strip of paper just below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear a bracelet.


If you’re using a strip of paper, you can mark the overlap with a pen, and then measure the length with a normal ruler on a flat surface


Genuine leather
Stainless steel

Customer Reviews (27)

See Google translated reviews (27)from international costumers
By Timo- 28/09/18

Nice bracelet

The buckle in matt anthracite is visible here. With the delivery I saw that the buckle is in black. But I do not think bad and am very satisfied with the processing of the leather bracelet. In any case, I would order the bracelet again.

Translated by Google
By guy- 15/09/16

Color too black. looks like synthetic material

Stainless steel lock should have matte finish, and the leather should be paler in color. for quality 5 stars

Translated by Google
By wim- 15/09/16


Convenient and sturdy closure

Translated by Google
By Leo- 04/09/16

Very good and beautiful product

I have purchased a leather bracelet through your company. This bracelet looks very nice and also the magnetic closure is perfect. The period between ordering and actually receiving the product is also nothing to be desired. The product was also delivered very neatly; just like you get a present. All in all highly recommended.

Translated by Google
By Alexandra- 25/08/16

The product lived up to expectations!

Great price, fast delivery and a big plus for free shipping! The product description was well designed and the bracelet lived up to expectations.

Translated by Google
By Marcela- 21/08/16


quality goods

Translated by Google
By Ladislav- 19/08/16


The bracelet is good and keeps it, and just because of the emails that come to you you should have something to order: D Really super, thanks for the fun: D: D

Translated by Google
By Marie- 05/08/16

Giant leather bracelet

Nice leather bracelet in solid quality. Recommended!

Translated by Google
By Agnieszka- 04/08/16

As in the picture

You do not need to add anything, the bracelet looks exactly like in the picture, it's nice that there is plenty of space for the engraver on the button. I am not convinced of its price, because over 100 zlotys for a few strips of leather and a piece of stainless steel is a lot to me and hence the lack of one star, nevertheless it was as created for my husband (who for years had straps in his hands) and I have not found one anywhere, so I decided to buy it. In summary, I recommend :)

Translated by Google
By Andreas- 28/07/16

Stylish and stylish bracelet with a good buckle.

A very stylish bracelet that fits most of the time. Lightweight buckle to put on and off and have not seen a tendency for it to fall by itself. Highly recommended.

Translated by Google
By Eksa- 08/07/16

Zero complaint

Shop has great offer. Good information about the course of the program. I can only recommend.

Translated by Google
By isabelle- 24/06/16

In the top!

Bracelet of very good quality! I recommend.

Translated by Google
By Helen- 31/05/16

Live up to its description!

Extremely good side. Nice mail and very fast delivery!

Translated by Google
By Thomas- 17/04/16

Nice bracelet

However, may be a little difficult to open due to magnetic lock ...

Translated by Google
By Owe- 12/04/16

Nice bracelet bracelet

One might tell you to think about lengthening something, on the other hand, there is your own responsibility to think so

Translated by Google
By Theres- 20/02/16


Fast delivery, good quality and a super satisfied partner are nothing negative to say about them.

Translated by Google
By Benjamin- 13/02/16

Nice and nice

It sits where it sits, it does not learn to leave. The metal bracket is super good

Translated by Google
By Susanne- 03/02/16

Super service

Great good experience to shop at Trendhim.dk. Ordered a men's bracelet, which I already received 3 days after the order. Unfortunately, the bracelet was too small, so I returned it with the wish to switch to a No. larger. I received the new bracelet 2 days later. Both when ordering and changing this, I quickly received confirmations by mail, which helped make the trade a positive experience. The bracelet I ordered is nice and of very good quality. Looks exactly as shown on the image on the website.

Translated by Google
By Jesper- 02/01/16

Very good product

Very affordable price for a product like this. Perfect with buckle instead of tie etc. Minus is that they only have 2 sizes. Otherwise, all positive :)

Translated by Google
By Mogens- 21/12/15

A gold-plunger 4-star

Quick delivery, spelling mistakes in this mail, no.

Translated by Google
By Gunilla- 17/12/15


Cool bracelet for a cool guy.

Translated by Google
By Camilla- 14/12/15

Always good

As always, TrendHim provides an extremely good product, as a future customer should be aware that there is a little special magnet closure on the bracelet, otherwise only be prepared for a delicious product.

Translated by Google
By Gary- 29/11/15

Very nice and fine bracelets at very good prices.

Superb, clock clean.

Translated by Google
By Susana- 13/11/15

Very good website

Easy to find and very good products! Also very nice staff! I thought everything worked just fine! From looking at the website where I could easily orient myself until I found what I wanted and ordered! My stuff came after a couple of days and it was also great that I received the invoice by mail! Superb staff on trendhim! Nothing negative at all!

Translated by Google
By R.- 01/11/15

Super gave armband

No patience but a magnetic click invasion system, pure quality and certainly the Service, in 1 word A Beauty!

Translated by Google
By Torben- 31/07/15

Easy and user-friendly

Super website. Good idea with pictures of the bracelet on.

Translated by Google
By Jannie- 09/02/15

Good experience.

Super fast service and delivery. Be the way it should be.

Translated by Google
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