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27 products
27 products

Get your hands on a pair of genuine supple leather gloves for a fashionably warm winter. We offer black and brown leather gloves with soft, warm lining and touch screen capability. From winter gloves to leather dress gloves, each pair is designed in Denmark… where we are no strangers to cold, freezing temperatures.

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27 products


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Leather Gloves for Men

Raise your hand if you like having cold, stiff fingers when you?re out on a winter excursion. Exactly. No one likes it.

Leather is known to absorb heat and retain warmth. Combine that with soft fleece lining and you?ve got a pair of men?s gloves that will keep you cozy and looking sharp. To better protect the skin in areas known for arctic-like temperatures, consider a pair that covers below the wrist and tucks into your winter coat. This will keep those bitter winds from creeping in and attacking your fingers.

Sheep Leather

Lamb and sheep leather is softer and smoother to the touch than cow leather and has a lightweight and supple feel. It?s also breathable and lets your skin do the same during the winter. Sheep leather is also long-lasting and flexible ? great news for anyone investing in a pair of sheep leather gloves. Gloves from Salt and Hide are all made with real sheep leather and available in black or brown leather.


Men's leather gloves should fit the way a leather jacket fits your body - snug but not too tight. You don't want your fingers to turn blue from poor circulation and you don't want gloves so loose that they fall off the first time you wave.

Your fingers should almost touch the end of the glove. You want a small amount of air around your fingertips to hold in warmth. Fingers that are pushed against the tips compress the fleece lining, remove the warm air space and leave you cold.

The same goes for the base of each finger - the web of skin between each digit. Find a pair of gloves that doesn't pinch or apply too much pressure to this area. And remember length. Exposed skin between your winter jacket and gloves is a target for icy wind.

To find the perfect fit:

1. Find a measuring tape and wrap it around the palm of your hand right below the knuckles. Do not include your thumb in the measurement.

2. Compare the circumference of your hand to the sizes available.

8.5? (21.5 cm) = Small

9? (23 cm) = Medium

9.5? (24 cm) = Large

10? (25 cm) = X-Large

Keep in mind that leather will stretch and conform to the hand with repeated wear.

Gloves with Touch Screen Capability

What good are the warmest winter gloves for men if you can?t answer a call, post a status update or access a map when you?re lost? Our gloves have touch screen capability, so you can use your tablet or smartphone without exposing your skin to frostbite.