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Cufflink boxes

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Cufflinks are an important style accessory for any man who wears suits, even if only occasionally. If you've started a small (or large) collection of cufflinks, you might want to organize it in an attractive cufflink box that keeps them free of scratches.
We offer a large collection of cufflink boxes that will not only look great on your dresser but also help keep your cufflinks organized and in mint condition.

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Trendhim Large Deluxe Cufflinks Display Box
Trendhim Grey Wooden Watch & Jewelry Box
Trendhim Tasteful In Wood Cufflink Box
Trendhim Handsome Matte Leatherette Cufflinks Case
Trendhim Impressive Ebony Wood Cufflinks Box
Trendhim Heritage Brown Cufflinks Box
Trendhim Striking Pinewood Cufflinks Box
Trendhim Executive Black Alligator Patterned Cufflinks Box
Trendhim Trendy Black Cufflinks Box
Trendhim Lockable Silver-Toned Walnut Wood Jewellery Box
Trendhim Black Crocodile Leather Cufflinks Box
Trendhim Black Crocodile 3-Tiered Faux Leather Cufflinks Box
Trendhim Silky Brown Alligator Patterned Cufflinks Case
Trendhim Classic Mini Black Leatherette Cufflink Box

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Get weekly discounts and inspiration

Receive our inspiring "look of the week".

Occasional newsletter-only discounts of up to 50%.

Get our newsletter once or twice a week.

Why a cufflink box

Your collection of cufflinks deserves a great-looking cufflink box. Why? For the same reason you don't just pile your shirts on the floor and your shoes underneath your bed (ok, maybe some of us actually do the latter). Anyway, if you like wearing nice shirts and keeping them in good shape, you'll want to keep your cufflinks looking pristine as well. Not only will our cufflink boxes help keep your cufflinks scratch-free, they'll also add a stylish touch to your gentleman's dresser.

Leather cufflink boxes

If you like the look of leather (who doesn't?), you'll love our leatherette cufflink boxes. We offer a variety of colors and sizes to suit any cufflink collection. The faux leather we use looks great, will keep looking great for a long time, and is very difficult to distinguish from the real thing.

Wooden cufflink cases

Most of our cufflink cases are made of wood in a variety of shades. Some have a faux leather exterior. For most cufflink cases, we offer a matching watch case, so you can store your collection of watches and cufflinks in equally stylish boxes.

Protection for your cufflinks

The interior of all our cufflink cases is lined with a scratchproof fabric. Some of our boxes have a see-through top to help you pick out the right pair of cufflinks and show off your collection. We try to offer cufflink boxes to suit anyone's taste, but if you can't find what you're looking for, please send us a quick email to let us know what you're after.
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