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How to Choose the Right Men's Wallet – 5 Quick Tips

It’s not just your bag that has to carry your valuables. Use these 5 tips as you shop for your next wallet and check out some of our favorites.

1 How to choose the right men's wallet – 5 quick tips 1.1 1. keep it simple1.2 2. choose the right size1.3 3. don’t limit your options of materials1.4 4. consider it as an investment1.5 5. consider rfid-blocking technology1.6 Our best-selling men’s wallets

1. Keep it Simple

A simple leather wallet with a minimalist style is versatile and can be used with formal and casual wear.

Clean lines and quality materials will stand the test of time.

2. Choose The Right Size

First, clean out your existing wallet and place the items on a table. Throw away unneeded things such as expired gift cards. Knowing how much you carry is key to choosing a size.

Carry lots of cards? Select a trifold wallet with a lot of credit card slots.
Have more notes than cards? Choose a men's bifold wallet.
Carry mostly cash? Opt for a money clip.

3. Don’t Limit Your Options Of Materials

A wallet that matches your bag gives a clean look, but it isn’t mandatory. Consider function before appearance.

Try a card holder if you carry more cards than notes.

4. Consider It As An Investment

A high-quality leather wallet will last longer than one made from pleather.

You can't beat the smell and texture of genuine leather.

5. Consider RFID-Blocking Technology

This technology helps prevent high-tech thieves from reading information on your credit cards.

Great option if you carry your wallet in your back pocket.

Our Best-Selling Men’s Wallets