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23 products
23 products

Fake plug earrings are made to deceive the viewer by looking like stretchers, tapers and even real plugs. Our large variety of fake plugs all fit through standard pierced ear holes, come in many different models, are all in stock, and are sold individually.

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23 products


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Fake plugs for men

We sell a large selection of fake plugs designed to give the impression of being anything but regular earrings. A fake plug offers you the opportunity to try out a new look before investing time and money with those more demanding jewelry items.

Our fake plugs are intended primarily for men but are actually unisex. The range of colors we offer is not limited to black and white, with our collection containing a full spectrum of colors to choose from.

According to EU legislation, there must be less than 0.5 micrograms released per square cm, per week, for a product to be deemed nickel free. All of our earrings meet the EU standard. We have quite a selection of wood and sterling silver earrings for those of us sensitive to nickel.

Size of fake plugs

The image below shows the relative size of the earring width when compared to a regular credit card.