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Clip-on earrings for men

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You don't need to have pierced ears in order to wear a clip-on earring. As the name suggests, you simply clip them on your earlobe. It's impossible to tell the difference between clip-on earrings and studs that require a hole in your ear.
Clip-ons are the perfect way to try out this kind of look without actually piercing your ears.
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Clip-on earring for men

You can look awesome without getting an ear pierced thanks to clip-on earrings! They're easy to put on and remove so you can change your look on the go. At Trendhim, we have a wide range of clip-on models. We're confident you'll be able to find your favorites. Our selection covers everything from subdued, conventional styles in the most common colors, all the way to edgy and exciting spiked earrings.

We offer these earrings in a variety of materials, including surgical steel and acrylics. If you don't find the clip-on style or color you're looking for in our collection, please don't hesitate to call or write to us. We just might be able to help!

Allergic to certain materials?

All of our clip-on earrings are tested for nickel in accordance with EU standards mandating the release of fewer than 0.5 micrograms of nickel, per cm2, per week. If you're highly sensitive to nickel, go ahead and pick up one of our wood, acrylic or sterling silver earrings.

Sizes of clip-on earrings

To help you choose the right clip-on, see the image below to get an idea of how big they are when compared to a standard credit card.

size guide for stud earrings for men