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All of our models are made with genuine cow leather and most feature the convenient option of letting you adjust the length. Scroll all the way down for some super useful information about wide bracelets.
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Wide bracelets in leather

When it comes to leather bracelets for men there are different kinds of leather they're made of: top grain, full grain, and split leather. Split leather is the lowest quality. Sometimes, a non-leather layer is glued on it.
At Trendhim, most of our bracelets are made with top grain or full grain leather. For some of the smaller or thinner bracelets, however, it's not possible to use these.

Wide leather bracelets radiate masculinity, fit well with a casual outfit, and make a great accessory when wearing any kind of t-shirt.

What size?

To find out what size bracelet you need, use a measuring tape or piece of string, wrapping it around your wrist just above the wrist bone. The measuring tape shouldn't be wound too tightly. Add 0.8" (2cm) to your wrist measurement to get the ideal bracelet size for you.
guide to find your wrist size

In the example above, the wrist measures 8 1/4" (21cm), meaning that he should be looking for a bracelet of around 9" (23cm) in circumference.

If you're buying a bracelet as a gift, or, for whatever reason, aren't sure exactly what size you need, we've put together some useful guidelines for you.

8 1/2" or 21.5cm = Fits a man with small wrists
9" or 22.8 cm = Fits a man with medium-sized wrists
9 1/2" or 24 cm = Fits a man with large wrists

Feel free to use the "Size" filter at the top of the page to make your search easier!