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Week 42
Week 42

Black and Red Royal Lava Bracelet

$27.95 USD
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  • Masculine design
  • Durable and compact
  • Semi-precious lava and red tiger’s eye gems
  • Looks great with t-shirts or shirts
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Black and Red Royal Lava Bracelet


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The beads are approximately 5/16" in diameter.

See how this bracelet fits you. The average man's wrist is 18 cm or a bit over 7 1/16".

Fit - 8 5/8"
Wrist circumference Fit
6 3/4" Loose fit
7 1/2" Normal fit
7 1/8" Normal fit
7 7/8" Tight fit

Measure your wrist size

Use a normal tape measurer or a strip of paper just below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear a bracelet.


If you’re using a strip of paper, you can mark the overlap with a pen, and then measure the length with a normal ruler on a flat surface


Red tiger eye
Lava Beads

Product description

Beautiful gold colored metal intermingled with smoldering black lava and red tiger’s eye beads. This hot and fiery piece of wrist jewelry is styling yet oh so practical!

The elastic band that runs through the beads stretches over your hand easily. All the beads are semi-precious gemstones and will last a lifetime. The gold metal rings and cubic zirconia feature are rust resistant.

Wrist wear doesn’t get sexier than this, so get yourself hooked up with one today!