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Beard shampoo

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Everyone has a beard these days. It’s THE thing to have. What's best? You don’t have to do anything at all to get one. It just shows up all by itself. Magic. Unfortunately, (or maybe not if you love your grooming routine), if you do decide to keep the little fella, you need to take care of it. Why? Because an unruly beard looks horrible. Here’s something to remember. Beards are made out of hair, and hair needs washing. Therefore, your beard needs washing. Brilliant, right? Bottom line...? You need beard shampoo.

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Get weekly discounts and inspiration

Receive our inspiring "look of the week".

Occasional newsletter-only discounts of up to 50%.

Get our newsletter once or twice a week.

Soft and silky face fluff

There is no excuse these days for a grubby, scratchy beard, what with so many amazing grooming products out there. We have a smashing beard shampoo that'll do just the trick. Call it what you will: beard wash, beard soap... it's all the same to us. Whatever you call it, the effect is the same: a lovely fluffy face. You won’t be able to leave it alone. I saw a guy on a train the other day and he couldn’t stop stroking his perfectly coiffured facial hair. There’s no need to go quite that far (at least do it in private!) but a beard washed in a special shampoo for beards will feel wonderful.

Keep it trim

As well as using beard shampoo and conditioner, you need to keep that face fur in check. Beards grow and they need cutting and trimming as well as a regular dousing in beard shampoo. Keep it in check before it takes over your face. We’ve all seen the guys who choose the beardy chops and then don’t do the maintenance. Neat and controlled is the look these days. None of your ZZ Top. You can buy yourself some trimmers and have a go yourself or hop over to the barbers and let them tidy you up on a regular basis.

If you don’t know where to start with this beard care business, YouTube has a ton of videos that'll take you through the process and get you looking super neat. But don’t forget to wash it with beard shampoo after you’ve had a trim; all those little discarded hairs will need washing away because no one wants them raining down on their lunch like a shower. Yuk!

The right stuff for the job

You might be thinking that using plain old hair shampoo to wash your beard will work, but that’s not good enough for your facial friend. Think about it: your beard comes into contact with a whole bunch more stuff than your hair: food, drink, smoke, and other people, to mention but a few. You need something fit for purpose to get rid of all that. Plus, your beard hair is much coarser than your head hair and it needs a shampoo for beards that can cope with all those bristles. You feel so manly now, I can tell. You bristly, hairy monster, you.

Beard love

Give your beard some love with our beard shampoo and it will love you back. Beards are in! Make sure yours is in as tip-top shape as you can manage! Love the beard.
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