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Beard grooming kits

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Keeping your beard well-groomed makes you look sexy. Stylishly so. But keeping your beard in great shape also takes effort, time, and dedication. For that, daily care with the right beard grooming products is essential. To help you tame your beard, we're offering a great selection of beard grooming kits with only the highest quality beard care products.

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Receive our inspiring "look of the week".

Occasional newsletter-only discounts of up to 50%.

Get our newsletter once or twice a week.

Your beard needs

Facial hair care includes washing, trimming, and hydrating. If you fail to keep up with your beard care, your beard could become dry and scruffy, and its ends could split. If you have a long beard, it could become tangled and even get beardruff, or beard dandruff.

To keep your beard tidy and neat, you need to clean and comb it regularly and trim it as needed. Also, your skin and hair strands should stay hydrated. A good beard care kit will help you keep up with your mane’s needs. And while it sounds like a lot of work, it’s really not.

A beard kit can be a great gift for yourself or a bearded friend or family member.

The groomer in your beard care kit

A well-sculpted beard is achieved using a straight razor, which is a must. You’ll be able to trim safely and achieve your desired look if you take your time. Use shaving cream and a hot towel to open your pores before you work on your beard to prevent uncomfortable ingrown hairs. For the finishing touch, a pair of beard scissors can be a great tool to work on the fine details.

Keeping it clean

The few minutes allotted for daily personal grooming are precious. While you shouldn’t be planning on trimming every day (but most likely on a weekly basis) other types of beard care can be tackled while taking your daily shower.

For washing your beard, it’s recommended to use a beard soap or beard shampoo and not just your regular body soap. Specially made soaps can keep your beard from becoming dry and brittle.


The best way to keep your beard hydrated is to apply beard oil to the hair and skin to soften the strands, avoid itchiness, and moisturize your face skin.

Especially in the early stages of growing a beard, this will be very useful. When dealing with ingrown hairs, don’t use your hands, but a pair of tweezers and rubbing alcohol to keep things clean. For longer beards, a beard balm rather than a beard oil is recommended to keep it in shape.

Combing and brushing

If you’ve done a good job with your beginner’s beard set and have managed to keep your beard growing until it reaches the one-inch+ phase, this tool is a must, and a step you’ll easily be able to include in your grooming routine.

Comb your beard to keep out whatever lint and dirt get trapped inside of it. Another alternative for those beard gifts is a brush, which can be used to style it and to leave a softer appearance.
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